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Festival Sustainability Lab accelerates the evolution of the cultural and creative sectors and making them more resilient and fit for the future. At the heart of the EU-co-funded project are three digital labs with a focus on experimentation, innovation and development of best practices. Together with various organisations, artists, labels, and creatives affiliated with the festival industries across Europe, Festival Sustainability Lab will broadcast best-practices and innovations of technological-logistical and artistic-communicative nature. To stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter here.

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About the Lab

For their lab, Innofest organizes an online Test Like the Best workshop for a limited number of European startups, in which they will learn why the festival and creative industry is an interesting market for them and how they can test their assumptions. Two of these startups will be selected to test their prototype at a European festival.

A limited number of startups can sign up for this first workshop, called ‘Test Like the Best.’ After this, a small number of startups will be selected to join two additional workshops in which they will prepare their test case, working side by side with one of our test experts, to create their best test case. After the third workshop, two startups will receive a test spot at one of the international festivals that are affiliated with us, such as EurosonicNoorderslag, Lowlands and Into The Great Wide Open. We are specifically looking for startups who develop innovations to make the festival sector and cultural industry more sustainable. Think of solutions for waste management, water and energy.

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About the Lab

Artists, festival organizers and leaders of other cultural organizations will learn how to build resilience to the climate and biodiversity crises, and will explore how to foster the regeneration of communities and ecosystems through arts and culture. Participants will have access to live training sessions, relevant complementary material, additional open-sharing circles, and workshops, as well as to a dedicated channel on the ‘We are One Resilient Earth’  community platform. At the end of the programme, One Resilient Earth will also provide customized technical advice to two selected artists or cultural organizations on integrating resilience and regeneration into their work. 

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About the Lab

If we want to solve the climate crisis and transform our society, we need many who can master sustainability. Events and festivals play a big role in this transformation as they have the power to inspire, unite, set new standards and show the way to a better future.

LiveGreen’s Masterclass is an intensive online course for those who work with music, culture, festivals and production of live events. In the Masterclass you get practical knowledge and tools to work with ecological, social and economic sustainability as well as communication and impact. It consists of five parts: an introduction to sustainable development and four subsequent modules focused on specific pillars of sustainability.

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Embark on a behind-the-scenes exploration of LiveGreen's transformative coaching program, designed to steer festivals toward sustainable event production. Uncover the realities and lessons gleaned from this immersive coaching trajectory, offering a compelling glimpse into the evolving landscape of sustainable event

This article highlights one of the winners of the coaching trajectory: Fluctuations. Get ready to meet the entrepreneurs behind this organisation!

Innofest's "Test Like the Best" workshop recently selected two startups, granting them a remarkable opportunity to trial their innovations at a prominent European festival: Toopi Organics and ChefChain.

In this article, you will find an overview of the program, as well as an in-depth conversation with co-developer Alina Minkova (LiveGreen).

Er zijn enorm veel startups die de festivalsector verbeteren en verduurzamen. Voor het nieuwe project Festival Sustainability Lab heeft Innofest samen met LiveGreen Festivals & Academy, Green Events en One Resilient Earth een lijst opgesteld van deze startups.

Werk je in de live-sector, met artiesten, labels, creatievelingen, event managers – en wil je je duurzaamheidsvaardigheid vergroten? Neem dan deel aan het kick-off webinar van Festival Sustainability Lab op 15 november! 

Do you work in the live sector, with artists, labels, creatives, event management – and want to boost your sustainability proficiency? You can now register for Festival Sustainability Lab's learning journeys and webinar!

Via Festival Sustainability Lab, een samenwerking met Innofest, One Resilient Earth en LiveGreen, lichten we best practices en innovaties in de Europese festivalindustrieën uit.