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Green Events - Energie

Energy usage often leads to harmful emissions. A range of options are available for reducing those emissions. You can use less energy, generate your own sustainable energy on site, or use external, sustainably generated energy from a grid connection. 

Find in our Url Index links to organisations and companies who can support you to improve on sustainable and social area’s of impact.

Through the impact area: Energy, you can contribute to the following sustainable development goals:

In the ADE Green 2023 workshop "Carbon Offsetting: How and When to Do It", tailored for music artists and events, we deep-dived into the complex world of measuring, emissions, impact responsibility and different ways to compensate or offset the consequences

Prior to an ADE Green panel on how we can implement and scale renewable energy solutions within the worldwide events industry, this article shines a light on renewable energy, and outlines five steps towards fossil-free festivals.

Find guidance and inspiration on how festival organizations can minimize the environmental impact of the energy supply in four case studies selected by Future Festival Tools.

Chris Johnson shares his guide to measuring event emissions. With these insights, measuring the carbon footprint of your festival becomes as simple as a few conversations, collecting some information, and putting it into a free online tool.

Following an extremely difficult & frustrating period for live music during the COVID19 pandemic, Massive Attack are now pleased to publish and offer as an open resource to our industry the Roadmap to Super Low Carbon Live Music, commissioned by

The GEM-Stage (Green Energy Mill) is a hybrid, foldout, eye-catching stage that runs on solar energy, wind energy and hydrogen.

This tool is designed to calculate in advance how much power your production requires, the tool will enable event organisers to employ alternatives to conventional diesel generators, therefore, improving efficiency, minimising diesel consumption & reducing CO2e & tailpipe emissions by

Find out your event’s energy rating and compare it to industry averages in less than a minute

In the paper "Putting a price on carbon" produced by Julie’s Bicycle and the Arts Council England you will find information about carbon offsets, what they are, and some alternative models

Currently, almost every European festival runs on polluting diesel generators for power supply. Read here the current power developments in the event industry.

Never has the case for transitioning to battery solutions in place of conventional generators been in the events industry more compelling. A combination of financial, licensing, public health, environmental and technical drivers are now all converging to make us embrace

GEI returns to London's Royal Lancaster Hotel on Feb 27. Featuring diverse topics from transport to climate justice, the conference boasts expert panels unveiling exclusive research on festival accessibility, sustainability, and green festival impact.