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Green Events - Natuur

We are part of the ecosystem, where we coexist with plants, flowers, insects, fish, coral, and every other living thing. And our ecosystem is in crisis, primarily because we’re using more and more land for housing, work, food production, and raw material extraction. Deforestation, overfishing, agricultural monoculture, and climate change have led to large-scale biodiversity loss. We’re not just facing a climate crisis, we’re on the brink of a biodiversity crisis, as well. Events can take both direct and indirect steps to protect – or regenerate the natural environment.    

Find in our Url Index links to organisations and companies who can support you to improve on sustainable and social area’s of impact.

Through the impact area: Nature, you can contribute to the following sustainable development goals:

Simon Carroll has created the spiralling Hayes Pavilion from salvaged timber and mycelium to challenge the industry's over-reliance on polystyrene foam.

DJs4CA are calling on venues, promoters, DJs and dancers across the globe to be part of a global movement and join the 5th annual edition of Earth Night, which will take place over April 22-24th, 2022 in conjunction with Earth

In the paper "Putting a price on carbon" produced by Julie’s Bicycle and the Arts Council England you will find information about carbon offsets, what they are, and some alternative models

It's common to think of dance music as thoroughly synthetic. Its imagery is of the dancefloor – with lasers, strobes, LEDs – or of digital visuals. Our subjective experience is of enclosed spaces, from airport to taxi to rave to

Andy Cato is a well-respected artist and part of the renowned electronic music duo Groove Armada, but now dedicates most of his life to his organic farm in the south of France whilst also maintaining a busy touring and recording