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As creative, driven, practical experts, we’re passionate about sharing knowledge and working together. It’s the only way to tackle ecological challenges at the core, sooner rather than later. We’re working from the inside, partnering with experienced experts who are on the ground at event locations and not afraid to don a pair of muddy boots or swap them out for trainers during strategic sessions. We believe this is the best way to generate support among professionals, organisers, artists, and brands. We’ll challenge you to set ambitious social and sustainable goals, and provide you with the support you need to achieve them. 

Laura van de Voort

Co-founder and owner

This experienced event manager is responsible for operational issues within the organisation. Laura thinks in practical solutions and always has content in mind. She has a knack for bringing the right partners together. She is also the project manager for Plastic Promise, a role where she is committed to circular plastic use across the Dutch events industry.

Plastic Promise, Material, Plastic

Lyke Poortvliet


Lyke combines her broad knowledge of social and environmental challenges with her practical experience in the events industry. As a programmer for webinars and conferences, she provides an on- and offline platform for the most inspiring stories, best practices, and innovations in the events industry. She is also responsible for the organisation’s online presence.

ADE Green, Food & drinks, Diversity & inclusion, Circular Festivals

Claudia Walraven

Event expert

As a producer and project manager with years of experience, she’s worked for numerous large events and festivals. She knows better than anyone what it takes to be sustainable. She also understands the industry from an organisational perspective. Claudia sees festivals as the perfect testing ground for a more sustainable society. Her goal is to raise awareness and inspire people.

Projectmanagement, Festivals

Kauthar Bouazzati

Communcations & project assistant

Kauthar is involved in social improvement in many different ways and is passionate about inclusive sustainability. As a communications centipede, she is committed to making information provision as accessible as possible.

Content, Communication

Chris Johnson

Project manager

With over twenty years of experience, Chris is a progressive champion of sustainable festivals in Europe and the UK. He is (co-) initiator of, among others, Vision 2025, Shambala Festival and Powerful Thinking. Thanks to a creative and social view, he knows better than anyone how festivals can contribute to a sustainable and social world. Within Green Events he is project manager of the European collaborative project Future Festival Tools.

Projectmanagement, Festivals

Gerke de Groot

Community manager

Gerke de Groot is a freelance event manager and community manager of Club Green Events. In the past he has worked for the sustainable music festival DGTL and nowadays he is project leader at Kultlab. He also works on the branding and communication of MyZAP: a platform for sustainable power management at events.

Communication, Strategy

Want to partner with us?

You can! We work on commission, and we’ll come on board for projects where we can make a positive impact. We’re making the events industry more sustainable by building partnerships and focusing on practical solutions and innovation.