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Green Events - Eten & drinken

What and how much we consume today is causing irreversible damage to the earth’s ecosystems. Deforestation, air and water pollution, soil quality degradation, threats to wildlife, plants, and biodiversity, and climate change are urgent issues facing the world today. Farmers around the world have also seen their economic position deteriorating, and the Netherlands is no exception. That’s certainly enough reason to take action! And all it takes is a few small steps – reducing the number of animal products on the menu, combating food waste, and purchasing products that are sustainably grown, caught, slaughtered, or harvested through short supply chains.

Find in our Url Index links to organisations and companies who can support you to improve on sustainable and social area’s of impact.

Through the impact area: Food & drinks, you can contribute to the following sustainable development goals:

Find guidance and inspiration on how festival organizations can minimize the environmental impact of the food they offer in three case studies selected by Future Festival Tools.

After launching the first organic beer and removing disposable plastic cups and bottles, Northside announced that the food in 2022 will be plant-based and 100% organic.

Climate change impact of Food & Bev at events? It's something we need to get straight.

When it comes to measuring the CO2-impact of an event, food is often excluded. Perhaps because it is quite complex to quantify the impact of all the different meals served, with their big variety of ingredients. Luckily two start-ups have

Andy Cato is a well-respected artist and part of the renowned electronic music duo Groove Armada, but now dedicates most of his life to his organic farm in the south of France whilst also maintaining a busy touring and recording