Driving environmental & social change in the events industry

We drive environmental & social change for the events of tomorrow. Together with organisers, artists, suppliers, government and knowledge institutions. Join us!

This ADE Green program explored how bamboo can shape the European events industry in the next decade when it comes to scenic design, regenerative farming and socio-economic factors. Rewatch it

Mac Macartney's keynote during ADE Green 2023 is a must for all creatives, thinkers, and leaders who will shape the electronic music industry of the future. Watch it now!

There are a huge number of startups that improve the festival sector and make it more sustainable. For the new Festival Sustainability Lab project, Innofest has drawn up a list

Embark on a behind-the-scenes exploration of LiveGreen's transformative coaching program, designed to steer festivals toward sustainable event production. Uncover the realities and lessons gleaned from this immersive coaching trajectory, offering

Pioneer Projects

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Circular Festivals

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Plastic Promise

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