Sleeves up, hands-on: an overview of interactive sessions during ADE Green

Next week, ADE Green strikes down in the center of Amsterdam for its eighth edition. Besides a number of thought-provoking panels, the conference offers a wide array of hands-on sessions. From industry expert sessions, to interactive brainstorms and practical workshops of various sizes. Read on for an overview of these sessions, and more importantly: how to join us for these exchanges on October 21st.

Workshop: How Local Governments can foster Sustainable Innovation on Festival Grounds

Do you want to understand why and learn how you can build collaborations between local or regional governments, start-ups and festivals? In this workshop, Dennis Sieperda (Inno-Quarter), and Hiltje Pritchard (Lecturer Master’s Design Driven Innovation) guide you through designing, implementing and evaluating experiments at festival grounds in collaboration with local and regional governments – a workshop for festival organisers, policymakers, local or regional government representatives, and sustainable start-ups.

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Language: English.

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Workshop Revelland: Make your event immersive and inclusive

Increasing the accessibility of events is often seen as something difficult, costly and time-consuming. But when all attendees benefit from an investment in event accessibility, it becomes much easier to get started and to offer a program that is both immersive and inclusive. This workshop shows how you can approach accessibility from an artistic point of view. It is facilitated by Nikki Manuputty, producer of festivals like Wildeburg and DGTL. She is joined on-stage by Marianne Dijkshoorn, advisor of the Eurovision Song Contest and the author of the book ‘Make your event accessible to everyone’.

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Language: English.

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Workshop: Circular Event Management

Event organisers with sustainable ambitions will agree: Getting the most out of your event’s valuable resources is a big challenge, fair and square. Closing the loop through circular event management is the future-proof way forward. But how to get this circular mindset started and into motion? Let Mitchell Van Dooijeweerd (Revolution Foundation) show you how to reduce your event’s footprint in terms of food, energy, sanitation and materials, by way of real, actionable examples.

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Language: English.

Sign-up: not necessary due to larger room capacities.

Brainstorm: How can the Dutch Music Community help address the Climate Crisis?

When it comes to the climate crisis, we are in this mess together. And the best way out is together, too. As the music industry has a great potential to bring people together and get them behind new, progressive ideas, we really have a role to play. That calls for a brainstorm, together with Mitchell van Dooijeweerd (DGTL), Frederike Berendsen (Music Declares Emergency NL) and Matthea de Jong (We Are Warming Up).

More info: here.

Language: Dutch.

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Expert Sessions
Besides our workshops and brainstorms, we also offer three expert sessions on water and energy. These closed industry meetings are aimed at facilitating a constructive exchange between professionals within the festival- and (live) events sector, who are looking to boost their organizations’ impact on these topics. Please don’t hesitate to contact us through this form if you feel that you should not be missing during one (or more) of these session. The three sessions are:

Electronic Music and Climate Action, powered by Djs4CA: DJs For Climate Action is a global community unified by music and the pursuit of climate justice. Join DJs4CA for a live brainstorm, discussion and connection session about electronic music’s role in taking action on climate change. (Language: English)

Tapwater at Festivals, powered by Dopper: Dopper is on a mission to reduce the use of plastic bottles. Last month they launched a new product: Watertap. In this session they explore the possibilities to collaborate with festivals on tapwater. (Language: English)

Policy & safety for using batteries at events, powered by MOJO: Festival organizations often experience regulatory obstacles when it comes to the use of batteries and their (fire) safety. Kees Lamers facilitates this session together with safety regions and suppliers. (Language: Dutch)

Water transition: it will never be the same, powered by MTD: We can probably agree: it should not be normal to use drinking water to flush waste. But how can festival organizations collaborate with wastewater disposal companies in the water transition? Join this session to find out. (Language: English)

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Please note that most of these sessions are subject to availability as seats are limited. The registration forms close on October 17th, so please fill in your preferences before then. We will confirm which workshops or/and expertise sessions you can attend before October 18th, and inform you about the exact time and location. We’re looking forward to seeing you at ADE Green 2022!

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