ADE Green 2024: Early Glimpse into the Program

As we gear up for the exciting tenth anniversary edition of ADE Green, we’re thrilled to present a sneak peek into our conference program, set to unfold on Friday, October 18. This year’s lineup promises a rich tapestry of discussions and panels, focusing on the most pressing environmental and social issues for the electronic music industry. We’re also kicking off ticket sales, so don’t miss your chance to be part of this transformative experience.

First look at this year’s ADE Green program

Here are a few highlights of this year’s ADE Green program: discover the first programs about water management, climate justice, CSRD compliance, creative conservation, transformative events, overcoming barriers to diversity, and sustainability standards.

Water is Life: Embracing a Circular Approach

The Green Deal Circular Festivals, representing a community of 53 European frontrunner festivals from 17 countries, will lead an interactive panel on water. Besides highlighting best practices and strategies to protect water quality, prevent pollution and reduce unnecessary consumption, it dives deep into the upcoming EU water quality regulations – extremely relevant to any outdoor event.

Climate Justice: Next Steps and Considerations

How do we shift sustainability efforts towards climate justice? This panel discussion will tackle this pressing question, fostering active hope rather than despair. Join us to explore the necessary steps to ensure that environmental efforts also promote social equity and justice.

CSRD: Sustainability Legislation in the Music Industry

New European sustainability legislation, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), is set to impact our industry significantly. Featuring insights from event suppliers and organisers, and a representative from the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group, this panel will explore the transformative potential, implications and opportunities presented by CSRD for the music industry.

Nature as an Artist: Celebrating Creative Conservation

In this program, you will learn more about the unique initiative that recognizes nature as an artist to support conservation efforts. Discover how this initiative is inspiring collaborations with renowned musicians and find out how you can support and participate in this movement.

The Transformative Power of Rituals and Ceremonies

Join acclaimed show creators as they explore the roots of festivals and the significance of rituals. Learn how modern ceremonies can create profound and meaningful experiences, and why ritual thinking is still essential – for any modern event.

Barriers to Diversity and Inclusion: The Programmer’s Perspective

This panel addresses structural barriers limiting diversity, like visa restrictions, funding access, and promotion opportunities. Programmers and industry experts who create spaces for artists from beyond western borders will explore solutions to overcome these obstacles and foster a more inclusive industry.

Official Launch: Dutch Sustainability Ladder Events (DLE)

ADE Green is thrilled to officially present the Dutch Sustainability Ladder Events (DLE), a harmonized standard for sustainable and inclusive events. This short session will present insights and practical goals across its five maturity levels, outlining the steps for future development and implementation across the industry.

What else to expect?

In addition to these highlights, attendees can look forward to exploring best practices in festival accessibility and understanding the critical role of green contracting and sustainability clauses. Other programs are centered around ethical leadership, vulnerable youngsters in events, and rave as resistance. To ensure you don’t miss out on further program announcements, keep an eye on the ADE Green Instagram channel.

ADE Green Conference & Program

ADE Green is bringing together event professionals, leaders and visionaries, artists, festival organizers, and attendees to explore and address some of the most pressing issues of our time. The conference takes place at Felix Meritis on Friday October 18th, featuring interactive programs, workshops and panel discussions. Join us afterward for ADE Green Drinks to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

ADE Green Ticket Sales

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with leading minds in sustainability, social change, and the music industry. ADE Green is accessible with the ADE Pro Pass, or with the single-day ADE Green Pass. Ticket sales for the ADE Green Pass has started on Thursday July 4th, get yours here.

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