NATURE is now officially an artist

Have you heard? Nature is now an artist.

With Sounds Right, NATURE is being registered as an artist on various music streaming platforms – starting with Spotify and Apple Music – owning rights to its own sounds. For the first time, NATURE can generate royalties from its own sounds to support its own conservation.

Now fans can listen to NATURE via her own artist profiles on all major streaming platforms, including both ambient NATURE sounds and ‘Feat. NATURE tracks where global artists such as @brianeno@elliegoulding or @auroramusic (among many others) bring sounds of the natural world into their music.

NATURE’s royalties and donations will be collected by Earth Percent, who will distribute these funds to conservation and restoration projects.

Initial tracks will mainly feature nature recordings, but the ambition is to enable anyone with recordings of nature to upload them to a public database that artists can use to create new music and acoustic ecologists can access to monitor the health of the ecosystems we inhabit.

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