ADE Green, a community working together for a sustainable future

The ninth edition of ADE Green will take place on October 20th this year, and is all about sharing knowledge and expertise as well as stimulating innovation, sustainability and social change. With a community of like-minded people, brands and organizations in the music industry, we aim to inspire a large audience to engage and change behavior for a sustainable future.

Together we can make the difference

We proudly present our first confirmed partners for ADE Green 2023: together with these organizations, we create change within the music industry.

First up are our event partners, contributing to our mission of strengthening sustainability, innovation and social change: Green Deal Circular Festivals, Plastic Promise, Greener Power Solutions, The Powershop, City of Amsterdam, Innofest.

Up next are our special ambassadors, including pioneering event organisers, suppliers, industry institutions and green event consultancies: Julie’s Bicycle, Beyond Meat, Awakenings, Q-Dance, VVEM, A Greener Future, and Nachtlab. All of them are driving positive change with new solutions and forward-thinking communities.

We’re taking this opportunity to thank all of them for their support in spreading our message, growing our network and creating impact. We can’t wait to welcome you at ADE Green 2023!

Become ADE Green’s Eventpartner or Ambassador

ADE Green ignites and strengthens sustainability, innovation and social change through the electronic music world. Will your organization support our mission? As a partner and ambassador, you become part of a strong and active network of industry frontrunners in sustainability and social change – whether you’re an event organisers, supplier, charity, institution or green consultancy.

Join our international green & social network within the music industry! Contact us at

Mede-eigenaar Green Events en Head of Program ADE Green