Rewatch – Mac Macartney’s Keynote: The Heart of Leadership

Mac Macartney is an exceptional speaker, dedicated to creating a just, peaceful, regenerative, and flourishing future. Mac touches hearts, fires imagination, and invites courageous action from his audiences. His talk on values-led leadership will take you deep into the heart of these extraordinary times, and present an opportunity for a new definition of how we live and work in the 21st century.

The crucible of uncertainty and wavering resolve that paves the journey of those who choose to raise a hand and step forward. This is not leadership as we have grown to understand it. It is something much more powerful, authentic, and real. Its roots are hidden in the history of all peoples who have striven to swim against the tide and put wrongs to right. Around the world, and sometimes at great cost, there are people who have found their true vocation in times of challenge, disruption and turbulence. Leaders of vision, courage, discernment, and compassion.

Now, at the twelfth hour, many search for leadership that is bold enough to act for the greater good – a generous, big hearted leadership that cuts across conformity and demonstrates a unity of head, hands, and heart. We are presented with a choice and much depends upon our response.

This talk is a must for all creatives, thinkers, and leaders who will shape the electronic music industry of the future.

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