Open Call for European Festivals: A pioneer lab for Organic and Regenerative Dishes

Header photo by Ella Olsson.

Music and Cultural festivals can be catalysts in the transition towards a regenerative food system to draw down climate change, and enhance local biodiversity. We believe that strong connections are essential, and we are therefore looking for festivals that want to participate in this upcoming project.

Green Events, Innofest and LiveGreen are deeply rooted in the European festival industry, facilitating sustainability, social change and innovation in the sector. Together with a regenerative partner and 10 festivals, they will join forces and create regenerative dishes at festivals. Resulting best-practices will be shared with Industry Professionals in the European festival sector. Read on to find out more about the goals of this project and how to participate.

What are the goals of this pioneering project? 

  • Create organic and regenerative supply chains from farm to fork in the European festival sector, reaching thousands of people, enabling them to experience and taste food from organic and regenerative sources. 
  • Find, attract and spread innovative ideas regarding food innovations that help the festival sector to get to a planet proof menu
  • Create awareness and build knowledge capacity among Festival Industry Professionals about the advantages of organic and regenerative agriculture, to contribute to positive impacts on capturing CO2e emissions, grow healthy soils and enhance local biodiversity
  • Create awareness and engagement among European festival visitors about the positive impact of organic and regenerative sourced food at the festival and beyond. 

To complete the project application for Creative Europe Small Collaboration (€ 200.000), the project initiators would like to include the (first) participating festivals in the application. The project is looking for 8-10 ambitious festival participants.

Minimal criteria for interested festival participants 

  • Based in Europe & UK
  • Music and Culture Festivals with a minimum of 5.000 visitors a day
  • Offering food to audiences is an important pillar,
  • The festival organisation is in charge of the menu


  • Festival has a track record regarding sustainability themes
  • Offering organic or regenerative food is a publicly shared ambition of the festival


  • 20th December: Deadline to apply as festival for this collaboration 
  • 10th January: Online Session for participants 11.30 AM
  • 12th January: Selection of 8 – 10 participating festival participants shared
  • 27th January: Deadline for EU Application 

Are you interested in joining?

Please reach out to lyke@greenevents for more information, we’re more than happy to send you our one-pager about the long-term timelines, more details about the format, and what you can expect to gain from this project as a participant.

Driving environmental & social change in the event industry