The difference between diversity and inclusion


The quantifiable number of multiple identities represented in an organisation and its stakeholders. This includes race, gender, age, LGBTQ+ and differently abled bodies. It is the mix that makes your organisation unique, the avoidance of unconscious biases in HR and programming processes and making sure your organisation is representative of society.



Making sure that all thoughts, ideas and perspectives of every individual in this ecosystem matter. It is about participation, co-creation and building meaningful and lasting relationships. This requires taking various measures to make everyone in the organisation and at events feel welcome. Communicating with respect, empathy and curiosity is key.

In other words, Diversity is making sure you have a good mix. Inclusion is making sure the mix works. It is ensuring that every person’s voice is heard and included. Once this happens, a team has better processes and innovation can be more successful. Inclusion is psychological safety for everyone to speak up, share their thoughts and feel heard. Actively and consistently working to support this will ensure a better sense of Equity, Equality and Belonging for all of your stakeholders. Find out more about these terms here and in the toolkit “From intention to impact – steps for a diverse and inclusive festival culture”



Picture in header is from Dimitar Belchev @ Unsplash

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