Meadows in the Mountains releases their Festival Impact Report

Meadows in the Mountains published a Festival Impact Report – an annually environmental report on their carbon footprint that sets an example for other festivals. The document concerning the 2022 edition entails important information that gives the organisation learning and tools for improvement in how to reduce, reuse and regenerate.
This document is for pros in the industry, for festival lovers, for eco-partners. They hope more people and organisations get inspired and spread the learnings. The organisation outlines a few highlights:
  • “We planted 925 trees last year. That was enough to compensate for all flights from the artists and the crew. All trees were planted in three spots in Bulgaria. At the festival ground you’ll find a fresh baby orchard these days.”
  • “Of all our waste, 65% is used as compost to spread over our land and especially our baby orchard.”
  • “We all love Prosecco but this gave us so much glass waste that last year we started serving them from big barrels, which saved 1,334 kilos of glass.”
  • “Less good news: our landfill has increased over the year before. This has various reasons. One reason is that guests bring single use plastic to the festival.”


If you want the master plan of what they have created and calculated over the years, you can get in touch with

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