Introducing: Festival Sustainability Lab

We’re proudly introducing our newest project: Festival Sustainability Lab, a collaboration between Green EventsInnofestOne Resilient Earth and LiveGreen. At the heart of the EU-funded project are three digital labs focused at innovation, climate resilience, and practical knowledge for those who work with music, culture, festivals and production of live events.

Over the next months, Festival Sustainability Lab will broadcast best practices and innovations across Europe’s festival industries. After all, festivals are a unique and very effective arena for accelerating the development of impact innovations. We have the chance to learn to actively accelerate social innovation, help sustainable products and entrepreneurs to enter the market and grow faster, produce events in a more climate-friendly way, build resilience and take sustainability to the next level by applying a regenerative approach.

It is time to speed up the work – and this requires initiatives and solutions in all sectors. To succeed, we need everyone on board.

Want to find out how to join? Sign up now for our newsletter and kick-off webinar here.

The Green Buzzword Bingo @ ADE Green

What the # does it mean to be post-activist, climate resilient, a regenerative economy, impact startup, a circular festival or a carbon-neutral event? Do you want to make a positive change but feel a bit overwhelmed because of all the social and ecological buzzwords used in the sector? Jump in and be educated in an easy and fun way.

Join The Green Buzzword Bingo presented by Festival Sustainability Lab! Test your knowledge in collaboration with your peers and learn all about terminology used to create a fair, resilient, clean and thriving music industry. After this session you can enlighten your colleagues and friends next time talking about sustainable change.

Find out more about this program here.

Kick-off Webinar

Are you looking for ways to deep-dive into event sustainability? Sustainable Festival Lab is coming to the European events industry soon, so get ready!

In November, Green EventsInnofestOne Resilient Earth and LiveGreen will host an online webinar to preview the different lab trajectories and answer frequently asked questions.

Driving environmental & social change in the event industry